425 Amp Range

The New Macey 300 Amp Range includes plugs, receptacles and back to back couplers for working voltages of 660 Volts, 1.1 Kv and 3.3 Kv systems.

New Macey's Blasproof, Flameproof and Waterproof Plugs and Receptacle are designed for the harshest Mining and Idustrial Applicaiton's.

Available for both 660 Volt and 1100 Volt Power Systems  
Rugged and Durable Stainless Steel Construction  
Extensive and customised solutions and  configurations  
Customised capabilities and solutions are available, Just ask our friendly Staff!!
Fixed or Portable power applications

425amp Restrained Plug - New Macey
In stock

300/425amp Lockable Cover - New Macey
In stock

300amp / 425amp Dust Plug - New Macey
In stock

300amp / 425amp Dust Cover - New Macey
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