Electrical Connections Between Railway Carriages

Power and communications circuits between rail carriages are either hard wired to permanent terminals or joined with some form of plug. If cables are hard wired, specialist tradespeople are needed to uncouple carriages and there is a high potential for error during re-connection.

Traditional plugs overcame these problems, but gave unsatisfactory performance for the following reasons:

  • Plugs and receptacles can be too fragile, so they distort in use;
  • Alternatively, plugs can be too heavy, giving OH&S concerns;
  • They are usually not waterproof, allowing moisture and dirt to cause electrical arcing;
  • Power and communication circuits usually cannot be included in the same plug, so costs increase;
  • End contact pins heavily pit, causing terminals to burn; and Excessive force may be needed to separate and re-connect plugs and receptacles.

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