New Macey was originally established to make connectors for underground coal mines. However, it was realised that mining technology could effectively translate to the demanding conditions of other industries which need connectors that tolerate high humidity, water, drilling fluids, corrosive washing solutions, dirt, vibration and heat.

A key feature of our connectors is they are completely waterproof. Conventional connectors fail when dirt and moisture penetrate the electrical contacts, causing arcing, signal interference and phase asymmetry. By eliminating water, the plugs and receptacles give reliable long term performance.

A second benefit is our ability to tailor plugs to exact customer requirements. We can combine AC, DC and control circuits in the one unit, giving more protection to smaller cables and reducing the risk of breakage or accidents.

Waterproof Electrical Connectors

We locally manufacture a range of waterproof electrical connectors, from multi-pin low voltage communications and lighting plugs to 22 kV 800 amp high voltage connectors. These are all corrosion free, robust and fully waterproof. Our objective is to supply a complete solution to a customer’s problem, not just a box of components. We will therefore not only design and supply electrical connections, but will install them at any location and offer training and maintenance programs for ongoing operations.