Jacket & Insulating Tapes

10 PLYSEAL® Insulating Mastic
A self-amalgamating, insulating mastic for insulating and sealing all types of
overhead and direct buried electrical connections up to 600 Volts. 10 Plyseal
has superior adhesion to metals, cable insulations, and jackets with no adverse
effect on polymeric conducting shields. For watersealing duct work, cable
ends, and all types of splices.

4000 PLYSEAL®-V Vinyl Reinforced Insulating Mastic
Used for encapsulating and sealing sub-surface and overhead cases and
auxiliary sleeves, ducts, and cable ends. Excellent for sheath and conduit
repairs. Impervious to ozone, fresh water, salt water, and soil chemicals. Vinyl
film backing provides mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. Plyseal-V
is preferred for cold weather applications.

5000 BUS-SEAL EPR-Backed Insulating Mastic
A laminate of W963 Plysafe EPR high voltage tape and 10 Plyseal insulating
mastic in a roll form. A one-pass application of this laminate provides
high dielectric strength, instant adhesion and excellent conformability. For
insulating and water-proofing high voltage bus connectors and conductors.
Corrosion protection for junction boxes, bus-duct and cable tray joints. Outer
jacket for direct buried high voltage splices. For primary insulation up to 2kV.
For bus-bar applications, one half-lapped layer of 5000 Bus-Seal will provide
short circuit protection up to 15kV and brush protection up to 25kV.

Rubber Mastic (RM) Tapes
A self-bonding mastic tape consisting of an ethylene propylene rubber (EPR)
backing, bonded to a tacky, temperature stable, electrical grade mastic. Use
for insulating and moisture sealing splices and terminations on solid dielectric
cable. Can be wrapped, stretched or molded around irregular shapes for
insulation build-up, water-sealing, and surface protection. Provides excellent
electrical properties, superior adhesion, moisture and chemical resistance. For
primary insulation up to 2kV.

Vinyl Mastic (VM) Tapes
A self-fusing mastic compound with an all-weather, premium vinyl backing
that can be used for insulating and water-sealing electrical connections
through 600 volts. Small roll sizes can be stretched and molded around
irregular shapes, even in tight locations. Provides excellent electrical properties,
superior adhesion, and moisture and chemical resistance. Vinyl backing
adds UV protection. Use for insulating overhead and direct buried low voltage
connections, motor lead connections, and cable and conduit repair.

A self-amalgamating, mechanical grade mastic used for sealing and waterproofing.
Excellent adhesion to metals, cable insulations, and jackets. Soft,
malleable nature makes Waterseal ideal for molding and conforming to
irregular shapes. Use in conjunction with Plymouth’s premium tapes for
optimum performance.



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